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Kannada Kiwis is an engaging web portal designed to bring together the vibrant community of Kannadigas living in New Zealand. This platform serves as a virtual home for Kannadigas who have made New Zealand their new abode, as well as for those who are planning to immigrate. By fostering a space where people can interact, share experiences, and support one another, Kannada Kiwis aims to sustain and celebrate the rich cultural and linguistic heritage of Karnataka while promoting harmony within the broader New Zealand society.

One of the primary goals of Kannada Kiwis is to ensure that the Kannada language and culture thrive in a foreign land. The portal offers a range of resources, including Kannada language classes for children and adults, cultural events showcasing traditional music, dance, and festivals, and forums for discussing topics relevant to the Kannada diaspora. By participating in these activities, members can maintain a strong connection to their roots and pass on their heritage to the next generation.

For prospective immigrants, Kannada Kiwis provides a wealth of information and support. Detailed guides on the immigration process, tips for settling in New Zealand, and firsthand accounts from those who have already made the move are readily available. This practical advice helps newcomers navigate the challenges of relocating and integrating into a new country. Additionally, the community aspect of the portal ensures that no one has to go through the process alone, as there is always someone to offer help and advice.

Furthermore, Kannada Kiwis plays a significant role in promoting cultural harmony within New Zealand. By organising cultural exchange events and collaborating with other ethnic communities, the platform helps foster mutual understanding and respect. These interactions enrich the multicultural fabric of New Zealand and provide a sense of belonging for Kannadigas in their new home.

In essence, Kannada Kiwis is more than just a web portal; it is a thriving community dedicated to preserving the Kannada language and culture, supporting newcomers, and enhancing cultural harmony in New Zealand. It is a testament to the resilience and adaptability of Kannadigas, ensuring that our traditions continue to flourish even as they embrace new opportunities in a distant land.

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About Us

Welcome to Kannada Kiwis, your premier online community dedicated to Kannadigas living in New Zealand. Our mission is to create a dynamic and supportive platform where Kannadigas can come together to connect, share, and celebrate their rich cultural heritage while navigating life in a new country. Whether you are a long-time resident or a newcomer planning to immigrate, Kannada Kiwis offers a wealth of resources and a vibrant community to help you feel at home.

At Kannada Kiwis, we are passionate about preserving and promoting the Kannada language and culture. Our portal features a variety of resources, including language classes, cultural events, and forums for discussions on topics relevant to the Kannada diaspora. By providing these opportunities, we aim to ensure that our traditions are passed down to future generations and that our members remain connected to their roots. Additionally, we offer practical advice and support for those new to New Zealand, helping them integrate smoothly into their new environment. Join us at Kannada Kiwis and be part of a community that values cultural heritage, mutual support, and harmonious living.

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Kannada Kiwis portal is feature rich that enables virtual community of Kannadigas in New Zealand.  


Planning to immigrate to New Zealand? New to New Zealand? 

We have groups where you could get first hand genuine answers from experienced settlers from various locations.


You like to interact with other members? Selling or buying anything? 

We have private messaging feature to directly interact with others. Groups where you could list your services / products.


You like to participate in group events? Learn or teach Kannada?

We organise various cultural, sports, recreational, outdoors and other social group events. 


Range of activities and offerings. 


Celebrating cultural festivals together. 


Learn and promote using Kannada in our lives.


Sports, recreation, outdoors and wellbeing activities.


Virtual community to interact, discuss and transact. 


Gallery of highlights from Karnataka in Bharat and New Zealand